We are particularly proud of taking part in the development of the authorization process of the Visa/MasterCard systems for several years. The assignment of our partner also extends to the implementation of new functions, based on PCI DSS standards and VISA/MC mandates. Thanks to this, we contribute to the success of every inland bank card payment to a certain extent.

Innovation on the market of webstores

Recognizing a gap in the market, our company develops hybrid solutions based on homogeneous technology for companies which need complex and customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with high-end webstores. Our new product is created in our own development environment, serving the special demands of the customers with the usage of unique solutions. The system’s essential advantage is that not only the user interface, but the whole ERP software is able to adapt to the features of desktop, mobile and tablet visualizing devices.

Software development

IT solutions from the idea to the complete system, from microenterprises to multinational companies.

Mobile payment

As Hungary’s market leader mobile payment solution-supplier, we have accomplished many projects successfully, being also internationally prosperous.

Mobile App

We have significant experience in developing business applications for Android; at the moment hundreds of users work with our programs day by day.

IT security

Our company has serious references in the field of comprehensive IT security investigations.

Our group of companies was founded in order to configure and materialize IT and internet solutions of high standards for our partners, suitable for highest demands.
Let our group of companies be your assistant and consultant in this new world as the expert of the Internet!

From our work

BoatBooKing boat booking management system

The BoatBooKing boat booking management system is a complex, multilingual system with automated payment that was developed for international use, including a public interface, an administration interface and a partner interface created for the company’s direct customers.

SkyEdge webstore

It is a primary goal at SKYEDGE LIMITED to make the newest innovations of the world available for the people who are receptive for the voices of the future. They want to bring closer the technical novelties to the people living in Central-Eastern European region, which mean real development. They are searching continuously for the inventions, which bring the future really close to our everyday life. They examine the interesting looking equipment by strict criteria to present filtered content on their page, therefore the visitors meet just those gadgets, which really deserve attention and may get defining role in the everyday life of the future.

János Xántus Bilingual Secondary School website

The János Xantus Bilingual Secondary School is a foundation school providing an outstanding high school education since decades, giving bilingual education in 5 selectable languages. Students can choose from 9 others as secondary language. The institution pays particular attention to provide adequate equipment for the studies of the students and for the level of the locations of the education. Many famous people attended the School formerly, such as Donát Bánki, Alfréd Hajós or Frigyes Karinthy.

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