Privacy policy

Privacy policy


Browsing the web pages of Paytech International Kft. or downloading any of its content shall be considered acceptance of the following terms and conditions by the user.

The server operating in the maintenance of Paytech International Kft. automatically stores the following data of the website’s visitors:

- IP address of the visitor,

- time of visit.

Paytech International Kft. uses these data exclusively for the website’s analysis, as well as for the maintenance of its secure operation, and finally, for exploring and preventing illicit external attacks which may violate or endanger the integrity of the website.

The structure, appearance and content, in the absence of the explicit indication of any other person’s authorship, are the intellectual product of Paytech International Kft; it’s protected by copyright. The textual and visual content of the website may only be used or reproduced with the prior written consent of the author. No authorization shall be necessary for quoting form the website, provided that it’s not used for commercial purposes and that the source is displayed.

Every statement displayed on this site serve the purpose of information provision, and they do not bound Paytech International Kft. in any way. None of the statements displayed on the website can be treated as a bid, the acceptance of a bid, or consultancy.

Paytech International Kft. continuously updates the statements and data displayed on the website; however, it cannot guarantee their accuracy. Paytech International Kft. shall not be held liable for any damages due to any mistakes, inaccuracies or technical problems. Paytech International Kft. shall reserve the right to modify and revise the content of the website, partially or completely, at any time.

Paytech International Kft. shall not be held responsible for the content of external websites in the maintenance of a third person, hyperlinked to its own website.